The Vardenafil is a type of phosphodiesterase inhibitor. The function of this medicine is it helps to relax the muscles and also increase the blood flow at the time of sexual stimulus.

Careprost has become best treatment for upper eyelashes

Careprost Eye Drop is a medication meant for the upper eyelashes. It can only be applied in the upper eyelashes; applying in the lower eyelashes can trigger certain side effects and irritation in the eye.

Privacy Policy

We at, we value our customer and place a lot of importance on the privacy of sensitive and confidential customer information. We value the trust that our customers put on us, that is why we have a detailed privacy policy set up in order to protect our customers’ personal information.
We have developed our privacy policy based on the sensitivity of the data that our customers give us and the importance of the services and products we offer online.
Given below are some features of our privacy policy:
o No marketing emails
We do not send product promotions and marketing mails to our customers. The emails that we send to customers are related to purchases that they make from our website, like an order confirmation mail and delivery status mail. We also send occasional emails to customers when we have any new products, services, or special offers available in the interest of informing our customers. However, customers can avoid these emails as well during the registration process.
o 100 percent confidentiality
All sensitive information about our clients, including names, mailing addresses, email IDs, and credit card information, are stored safely and asked only when they are requested to make an account on our profile while placing an order. We use the latest security technology and anti-piracy measures to ensure that our customers’ data is safe and secure.
o No spamming
Here at, we do not follow or promote the practice of sending unsolicited emails. We do not sell or reveal customer emails IDS to third parties for spamming purposes.